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If you like our approach: spread the word! Link to our website. Tell people how they can fight poverty by renewable energy, and at the same time fight climate change.

And try to contribute! A donation of 5 US-Dollars already enables us to buy one more study light to help a child in her / his studies. And only 20 US-Dollars buys a solar home light for a full family, allowing income generation activities after sunset and therefore improving nutrition and health, too.

Money transfer is easy: use a bank transfer or a service like PayPal to send funds to our account. Our International Bank Account Numbers:

IBAN DE98370205000001129000

at “Bank fur Sozialwirtschaft” Cologne.

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Please contact us if you need more information.

Die natürlichen Ressourchen sind spärlich – und werden vom Klimawandel weiter bedroht. Bildung verspricht bessere Chancen, auch wenn die Schule sehr einfach ist.
(Foto: Sampurna)